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A subscription for a weather app!? What happened to free or one-time payments?

While there are free and one-time weather apps available, Forecast Bar utilizes the most accurate weather data and pairs it with the most customizable and feature rich weather app available. Forecast Bar remains on the cutting edge of all the latest Apple technologies and already includes support for 3D Touch shortcuts, an iMessage app, peek and pop, expandable widgets, iPad multi-tasking, watchOS3 background tasks, Taptic Engine feedback, and push notifications. We are obsessed with using the latest and greatest features of Apple devices for a better experience.

Your subscription supports 2 main things:

  1. Costs for ongoing weather data
  2. New features, improvements and ongoing support

Forecast Bar uses auto-renewing subscriptions from Apple to ensure you never lose access to the app and your customizations. Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account after your confirmation. All subscriptions last for 1 year, and will automatically renew each year on your iTunes account.

Why does the subscription for Apple Watch cost more?

Our Apple Watch app uses the latest technology from Apple in watchOS3 to keep your weather up to date. To do so, Forecast Bar automatically requests data throughout the day from our premium weather provider and we are charged for each of those requests. To offset these costs, we are required to have a nominal additional cost (less than $0.01 a day!).

While some other apps may offer free complications, Forecast Bar offers the most customizable experience and the most accurate and hyper-local weather data available and we believe is well worth the very small additional cost.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current period.


What is this? What is a complication?

Apple Watch provides you with a customizable watch face, including the ability to add apps to it--called complications. Forecast Bar offers the ability to ensure your watches weather data is always up to date, ready for you any time you need to glance at it.

How do I customize my complications?

We provide the most customizable complications of any weather app on the market, and you can customize nearly every aspect of your Apple Watch complications. Choose between a variety of built-in options or customize the Modular face line-by-line. Some of the options include: minute-by-minute rain prediction, concise summary of the next hours weather, current temperature, next calendar event, current location name, "feels like" temperature, precipitation chance, wind speed, UV index and many more.

To setup your complications, select Settings from the side menu of Forecast Bar, and then tap on Watch. Select the watch face that you use on your Apple Watch and then customize the complication to meet your needs. Once done, simply back out of the customization screen to sync your changes to your wrist.

Note: There are many different watch faces available, but only 4 main types. If your watch face isn't displayed, it's likely using either a Utility or Circular type.

Can I use multiple complications on the same watch face?

Yes and no. The Modular and Utility faces can support complications in both the large and small slots simultaneously, but 2 small complications cannot be active at the same time on any face.

These slots can also be customized in Settings → Watch.

Can I use different complications on different watch faces?

Yes! The 4 types of watch faces have their own settings, so you can mix and match what you show on each. If you use more than 1 face of the same type, they will share the same settings.

How often do the complications and watch app update?

We offer 3 options for update times: Faster (around 30 minute updates), Normal (around 45 minutes), and Slower (around one hour). Background time on the Apple Watch is limited to preserve battery, so watchOS decides when the updates will actually occur. Configure your update frequency in Settings → Watch. Keep in mind that faster updates come with a battery life tradeoff.

Can I make my complications update faster?

These settings are also important to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date weather:

Why do I need to have Location Services set to "Always"? Will that affect my battery?

For Forecast Bar to display the weather for your current location in the background (for Apple Watch or a widget), then yes.

Forecast Bar uses a feature of iOS called "significant location change monitoring" to ensure your battery life is not impacted. Rather than keeping the GPS on all the time (which can be a big drain on your battery), Forecast Bar uses Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation to find your current location. iOS shows an arrow icon in your status bar when this mode is enabled.

My customizations aren't showing up on Apple Watch.

After you exit the watch customizer screen, we send them over to your Apple Watch and ask it to refresh. The next time your complications update (generally within a few minutes), your changes should show up as well.

If you have Forecast Bar running in the foreground of your Apple Watch and it is still not syncing your changes, try to reboot both your iPhone and Apple Watch.


What kind of notifications does Forecast Bar support?

Forecat Bar can provide push notifications for:

How can I get precipitation notifications from Forecast Bar for Mac?

Note: Notification Forwarding requires the beta version of Forecast Bar for iOS, which will be released soon. To get involved, email us at

Forecast Bar for Mac provides the ability to forward precipitation notifications to your iOS devices! To set this up:

You can configure and test the system out on Forecast Bar for Mac under Preferences → Notifications.

Are severe weather alerts and precipitation notifications available in my area?

Severe weather alerts are available in the U.S. Precipitation notifications are available in the U.S., U.K., Ireland and parts of Canada.

Do I have to do anything to make sure I receive my precipitation notifications from Apple Watch?

You must keep Forecast Bar's Apple Watch app in your Dock to ensure notifications are sent. Open your iPhone's Watch app and go to the Dock section to make sure Forecast Bar is included. If a Forecast Bar complication is on your watch face, Forecast Bar will be given even more time to run in the background.

Ensure Location Services and Notifications are turned on for this app. Go to your iPhone's Settings app, then find Forecast Bar. Location should be set to "Always" and Notifications should be enabled.

Temperature Badge

Why does my badge say its over 1000 degrees?

Apple does not allow anything but numbers in an app badge. This means we can not include a - symbol. We have opted to use 10 as an indicator for negative temps. For example 1010 = -10

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